Entries from February 2011

Dear Lenovo: Love is over.

Date February 24, 2011

You know, for a company that named their product the "Thinkpad", they didn't really take it to heart. A few months ago, we ordered some Lenovo Thinkpad T510s to act as stock for new employees that we were hiring. They just sort of sat in the boxes until we needed them, and when that time […]

Take my job...please!

Date February 22, 2011

So, in my last post, I let everyone know that I had given my work 2 months' notice that I was leaving. So if you didn't see that post, then, surprise! I'm leaving my job (though not the blog) after I find a successor. Well, this post is the inevitable outcome of the previous post... […]

Today, on a Very Special Standalone Sysadmin

Date February 17, 2011

So...over the past few days, I've told a lot of people about this, a lot of times, but for some reason, this seems to be the most difficult of the bunch... This past Monday, I resigned my position as System Administrator at my company. My wife and I are moving back to Columbus, OH so […]

Are you suggesting coconuts migrate?

Date February 16, 2011

Coconuts might be non-migratery, but my servers sure aren't! One of the larger projects on my docket has been migrating our production stack at our primary site from one rack into two. Making this difficult was the fact that the datacenter floor we were on was full, so we couldn't just wheel the rack over […]

NYC Puppet group (re)starting

Date February 14, 2011

I know that there are a lot of people out there using puppet, so I didn't mind at all when Brian Gupta asked me to share the news that he's helping to get the NYC puppet group started. They're meeting tomorrow, February 15th at the Gilt Groupe in midtown, and you can register at Event […]


Date February 8, 2011

Just a quick note, the New York City chapter of LOPSA is meeting tonight. LOPSA member Doug Hughes will be speaking tonight about his experiences building a 10MW datacenter. We'll be meeting at D.E. Shaw, at 7pm. The address is 120 W 45th St 39th Floor New York City, NY View Larger Map You DO […]