Admin Arsenal ups the ante for PICC

Most of the blogs that I read are independently run, meaning the authors are writing as individuals, not companies. Pretty much the lone exception these days is the Admin Arsenal blog because they cover a lot of topics relevant to system administration, and they don’t use their blog as a means to sell their product. They provide content, and I appreciate that. I’ve mentioned them before, and they’re also the only company I’ve ever let write a guest entry here on Standalone Sysadmin. We’ve got a mutual appreciation thing going on.

Last year, they heard about PICC, and they wanted to do something to help. They ended up giving a full no-questions-asked license to their flagship product to every person who attended the conference, which was awesomely generous. This year, they’re outdoing themselves.

Every person who comes to PICC11 will receive AA Console (which used to be named Admin Arsenal) PLUS they’re also throwing in a copy of PDQ Deploy Pro. Together, this is a $500 value for absolutely nothing except showing up to a conference you wanted to attend anyway.

A huge thanks to Admin Arsenal for their continued support, both of the conference, and of system administration in general. Thanks!

Also, if you haven’t signed up for PICC11 yet, do it now!. The Early Bird registration ends on April 4th, which is coming up. If you need help, we’ve even for a form letter to help convince your boss. There’s no reason to not come!

  • Thanks for the kind words. ‘Mutual appreciation’ is spot on. When we learned what you were doing last year with PICC ’10 we were very eager to help out. Local groups of admins have a very important role to fill. Unfortunately the only time admins seem to congregate in smaller groups is when the gathering is sponsored by a company pitching their wares. While it’s good that the admins are mingling, at these sponsored luncheons they’re not as free as they’d like to be to REALLY mingle, learn, ask questions, be skeptical, funny, or even be annoying.

    I’d love to see more communities hosting their own LOPSA conferences. Get the admins out of their cubes, server rooms, or dungeons. Get ’em talking. It’s amazing what the average sys admin knows.