Lenovo makes good

So, I might have gotten a little upset a few weeks ago when a Lenovo phone rep told me to talk to the CEO of IBM to get my broken laptop replaced.

I was lucky that a Lenovo representative saw my predicament, and contacted me here and off list, and we talked through the situation.

I’m happy to say that Lenovo shipped me a replacement model, I’ve put it in use, and it works well. I really appreciate them following through on this, and I have encouraged them to examine their support so that when this inevitably to other people, they don’t have to be a blogger to get it taken care of.

Anyway, if you were curious if Lenovo took care of this, they did, and I’m very appreciative.

  • Olivier S. Masse

    Perhaps but let’s not forget it took a blog post read by hundreds of readers to get what you should have expected from Lenovo. Thanks for the follow-up.

  • Glad to hear….disappointing that it took what it did to get that result. However hopefully your comments to them will get them to look at those support policies.