Hilarious Updates (and a magazine to buy)

I usually don’t do updates like this, but there are great things afoot.

Greg Ferro (who has a great networking blog that you should read) linked to this re-caption of the famous scene from Downfall, where-in Hitler has some problems with his unified communications platform. (incidentally, this meme has been pretty long running, and I know that YouTube took down all of the Downfall parodies a while back, so don’t be surprised if the video has disappeared before too long)

Second, Tom Limoncelli (who has a great sysadmin blog that you should read) linked to the CDC’s Emergency Preparedness and Response page for the Zombie Apocalypse. I look ed and looked, but I can’t find anything about April 1st on it, so clearly, they know something we don’t. I can only recommend that we follow the rules. I’m going running tonight.

Next up, I actually laid in my bed this morning and read a 28 page document before I got up. I caught it on twitter, and I’m happy that I did. Jim Moyle wrote a really great whitepaper about deploying Windows 7 via VDI. There’s a lot of information in that whitepaper even if you aren’t deploying via VDI. The paper addresses the increased IOPS that Windows 7 requires, and discusses taking them into account when you’re testing, as well as doing what you can to mitigate the problems. It’s definitely worth your time.

Lastly, I was at Barnes and Noble last night and found this year’s version of the Linux Shell Handbook which is put out by Linux Pro Magazine. If you see it on the newsstand, you should pick it up, because on page 43, you’ll see an article that I wrote for last year’s, called “Control Console”, that talks about administering Linux users and groups from the command line. Joe Brockmeier also contributed to this year’s version:

Pick it up at fine booksellers everywhere!

  • John McGrath

    I read Jim Moyle’s paper during lunch, and found it to very interesting. It was a good starting point for deployments, whether your deployment is in VDI or not.

  • Hi John!

    I’m glad you liked it too. I wasn’t aware of a lot of the issues surrounded Windows 7, so it was good to learn from someone like Jim. I enjoyed the paper very much.

  • I still have a copy of that issue of Linux Shell Handbook sitting on my bookshelf in plastic….waiting to get it signed….then waiting for you to become rich and popular so that I can resell it for some mega dollars ;)

    It was a great article to read and thanks for the link to the whitepaper Jim Moyle wrote. Haven’t made it all the way through yet but good reading so far.

  • Gabriel Francisco

    nice man! :D