Columbus SysAdmin Appreciation Day Ideas

I know, SysAdmin Appreciation Day isn’t until the end of next month, but I’m giving myself some lead time because I don’t yet have a dedicated network of admins in Columbus like everyone in New York City (but we’re getting there!)

So, to anyone who’s in Columbus or knows someone who is, here’s the plan:

Barley’s Smokehouse on Dublin Road. It’s got great food, great beer, and it can hold a lot of people. My thought is that we meet there at 7 for dinner and drinks.

Of course, it’s 2 months away, and not set in stone. Do you know of a better place? Comment below and let me know!

  • AJ L.

    I’ve never been there but sounds good. I plan on being there my friend :)

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  • Evan Anderson

    Interesting. I’ll stick the date in my calendar and try to keep it free. It would be cool to meet you.

  • Matt Simmons

    Thanks Evan! It would be good to meet you, too! Last time I was talking to him, Kyle Brandt suggested we get together and rule the world once I came to Ohio. I’m not sure about that, but I’d love to buy you a beer :-)

    Hope to see you there!

  • Thomas Deliduka

    Hey, that sounds fun. I could possibly do this! Is the date still set for July 29 @ 7pm? I will have to check with my wife, of course, she is the boss.

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