Happy SysAdmin Appreciation Day

If you didn’t know, now you do. Today is System Administrator Appreciation Day!

There’s a large number of get togethers tonight organized in lots of cities around the world. Here’s a short list:

Los Angeles, CA
Columbus, OH
San Francisco, CA
Chicago, IL
Buenos Aires, Argentina

It’s really great to see so many meetups. If your location isn’t listed, why not try starting your own? Let me know when you get it organized for next year and I’ll link to it too!

Of course, we SysAdmins celebrate, but it seems like every year, some sysadmins come out of the woodwork to complain, “No one knows it’s sysadmin day but system administrators! No one else celebrates! Maybe some day someone else will recognize this!”

Buck up, kiddo. I’m happy to say that SysAdmin Appreciation Day is well on its way to mainstream acceptance! How do I know? Because people are starting to commercialize it! We’re not to the magnitude of an actual holiday just yet, but I think we’ll get there – I really do!

It is kind of amazing how much SysAdmin Appreciation Day has grown in the last few years. It could be that I just wasn’t aware of an existing ecosystem, but it didn’t seem like there were the huge number of contests, videos, and run-up that it has now. For instance, in this month’s LOPSAgram, there no less than 7 Sysadmin-related contests going on!

SysAdmin Pageant @ ThinkGeek

Puppet Labs

Cyber-Ark (the one I’m judging)





That’s a lot!

What’s more, a lot of corporations have really become aware of it and started putting out commercial videos that manage to be interesting sales pitches AND actually pretty funny!

If this kind of thing continues, we’ll have greeting cards in no time!

And now for something completely different:

  • Great post, Matt. SolarWinds will have to get in on the SysAdmin Day contest fun next year. I’ll put it on my to-do list! Thanks for sharing this fun stuff. I love both videos!