SysAdmin Month?

So, it’s July. What happens in July? Fireworks. Barbecues. SysAdmin-related celebrations.

Yes, the last Friday of this month is officially SysAdmin Appreciation Day. We’ve talked about this a few times…and I’m still every bit as excited about it now as I was in the beginning!

What I have noticed, though, is that in addition to the SysAdmin Appreciation Day (which is, this year, being celebrated in several places (Such as Los Angeles, CA, Columbus, OH, and New York City, NY(with a TON of sponsors!))). And that’s awesome!

In addition, though, more things are cropping up…things like contests. For instance, OpenDNS recently completed the nomination phase of it’s SysAdmin awards. Thinkgeek is holding a “2011 SysAdmin Pageant”. I sincerely hope there isn’t a swimsuit competition, but good for them!

Also up this year is one that’s a little bit more personal to me (and not just because I’m a judge) is the CyberArk 2nd Annual System Administrator Appreciation Day contest. Here’s why…

Last year, Cyber Ark launched their first contest. The original idea was to tweet the dumbest question that a user had asked you. Understandably, a lot of sysadmins found this disparaging and disrespectful to their users. I sent Cyber Ark a message that mentioned how I (along with others) felt, and to my surprise, they didn’t ignore me. In fact, they reconsidered, and changed their entire contest around.

Surprisingly, a month or so ago, I got an email from my contact at Cyber Ark asking if I would weigh in on some potential contest ideas that they had, and if I would consider being a judge for the contest. After reading over their contest ideas, I realized that they really did get the message last year, because all of them were positive and respectful to others. And so I agreed to be a judge, along with Cyber Ark’s in-house sysadmin Bill Pesiridis, and longtime Standalone SysAdmin reader (and now blogger and author in his own right) Wesley “Nonepeptide” david!

So here’s the contest: Tweet with the hashtag #SysAdminDay, include @cyberark, and fill the rest of your tweet with an answer to the following question: “What is your greatest enterprise IT accomplishment in the past year?” – Because there aren’t a TON of characters left, please feel free to point to a blog entry, or even to a picture of what you’re proud of.

The contest runs from Monday, July 25th through Thursday, July 28th. You have some time to put some thought into it ,so make it good.

So, that’s that. Nationwide celebrations. Multiple contests. I think in my 2009 SysAdmin Appreciation Day post, I reflected that pickles (and secretaries) get a full week. Is it just me, or is July turning into System Administrators’ Month?

  • Very good of CyberArk to listen to the suggestions of SysAdmins. However, I’m even more impressed with the SysAdmin community as a whole for not dogpiling on the opportunity to disparage.

    The BOFH image is a sterotype, however as with most stereotypes, it exists for an empirical reason. We do have a tendency to be rather dour and gruff (for reasons that are worthy of a few volumes, not a comment on a blog :) ). The fact that enough people resisted the offer to ream their users is a very encouraging sign of the professionalism and humanity (the good kind, anyway) that exists and is growing among the community.

    TL;DR – Yay us. =)

  • Jeff Stevens

    Sorry, I don’t participate in spam contests.

  • Hi Jeff,

    I’m sorry you look at it that way, but it doesn’t seem spammy to me – especially with the way that twitter works, when you can use @cyberark first thing in the tweet, then no one sees it in their stream except people who follow that user.

    I wanted to take part because I like how responsive they’ve been to the community. the contest is positive (who doesn’t like talking about their stuff?). The winner gets a kindle. I just don’t see anything wrong with it. But you don’t have to take part. You’re welcome to if you want, though.

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