Entries from August 2011

Getting Started With Virtualization (Using VMware ESXi) – Part 0 (Quickstart)

Date August 26, 2011

I’m working on a series of blog entries, Getting Started With Virtualization (Using VMware ESXi), but before I dig into the background and the details, I wanted to give you something to get yourself started. I know that you, as a sysadmin, want to try before you read instead of after. To help, I’m writing […]

CloudFlare CDN

Date August 26, 2011

I host my site at prgmr.com, but it is essentially a small VPS, probably underpowered for the traffic spikes the my blog gets on occasion. I’ve done a few things to try to improve that time (such as using wp-super-cache, and I’ve investigated using nginx as a front end proxy (or even a replacement) for […]

Red Hat: A just target of my wrath?

Date August 22, 2011

In the article I wrote yesterday, I directed my wrath at CentOS for a bad experience I had with a new installation. A lot of people called me out on it, and they’re right. CentOS isn’t the cause of the problems that I mentioned – all they’re doing it copying things from upstream. The design […]

CentOS 6 Angers Me Again

Date August 21, 2011

So, despite my earlier complaints, I thought I’d download CentOS 6.0 and give it a shot. First, let me show you the boot screen: Notice anything missing? Well, if you’ve installed CentOS (or RHEL) prior to 6.x, you’ll probably remember a “text mode” option. This mode always went through a curses-based installer that mirrored the […]

Scalability Conference

Date August 18, 2011

[UPDATE]: This conference has been cancelled. Sorry! I’ve said several times before that I like conferences, if only because we’re able to get together and talk to each other in person. That’s worth the flight; the classes and sessions are just a bonus. At this past year’s PICC 11 conference, Kyle Brandt (of ServerFault was […]

Back from Tech Field Day – Overview

Date August 16, 2011

And boy are my arms tired. And my back, and my butt, and my legs, etc etc Seriously, this Tech Field Day really did a number on me. I think it’s probably because this was the first event that I had both attended AND helped organize, which means that I was pulling double duty. I […]