Entries from October 2011

In the interest of disclosure...

Date October 31, 2011

Not everyone is fully aware of what I do at the moment, where I work, and where the money comes from. I need to remain forthright about it, particularly when I have been, do, and will be blogging about companies that have to do with my paycheck, however remotely. Here's the scoop. I'm currently acting […]

Brocade Ethernet Fabric Races

Date October 28, 2011

We visited Brocade today and they were showing off some of their new ethernet switches (if this sounds old-hat, remember that from its beginning until recently, Brocade has been storage-fabric-only *edit*...although Lisa Caywood tells me that they bought Foundry in 2008). They're competing with the Ciscos and Junipers (and many other companies) of the world. […]

Gigamon...fixing problems you didn't know about

Date October 28, 2011

Yesterday, we stopped by the offices of Gigamon, a company that I first came across at VMworld. When I talked to them and learned what they did, I kind of slapped my forehead, and I thought, "wow. That's awesome. Why didn't *I* think of that???" So I laughed when, during their presentation at Networking Field […]

Hey! You got Cisco FEX in my HP Bladecenter!

Date October 27, 2011

Like ever so much chocolate and peanut butter, Cisco has let us at Networking Field day that they've worked with HP to allow their Nexus B22 Fiber Exchange (FEX) modules to be installed directly into the HP Blade Centers. I'm not a big networking guy, but this is really cool, and here's why. The FEX […]

I hate baggage claim. Yes, this is sysadmin related...

Date October 24, 2011

I always try to keep an eye out for cool ideas. It's hard to tell where the next bout of inspiration will come from - be it my apartment complex or the aviation engineers. This time, though, I was impressed by package handlers. Specifically the baggage people at the San Jose airport. I flew in […]

Dennis Ritchie, Co-creator of C and UNIX, has passed away

Date October 13, 2011

Well, damn. It's like we can't win. First we lose Steve Jobs, a man who had an immense influence every end user or media consumer, whether you used his stuff directly or you used something that borrowed from it. Now we lose one of the men who literally shook the foundations of computing. Dennis Ritchie […]