More of my SysAdmin articles online from Simple Talk

I did some work with Red Gate a while back, and some of that content is now being released online. Hopefully you’ll find it useful and informative.

What we have is:

  • Networking: The Crib Sheet
  • When I wrote these pieces, I intended them to be tied together, and I didn’t expect everyone to have the underlying knowledge necessary to administer a network. Such a big part of understanding why our networks are laid out and configured they way that they are is understanding how TCP/IP operates. I wrote this piece to try to introduce the information necessary to really grok the rest of the work.

  • Physical Layout for the Reluctant
  • Wrangling the configuration on switches and routers is only half the battle. We small infrastructure admins often find ourselves doing a lot of the physical work, too, and I don’t ever see any documentation for it. Which sucks. So I wrote this to help.

  • Logical Network Layout for Small Networks
  • The documentation that I DO see is almost always about either large infrastructures or small home networks. Never anything devoted to the size that I admin. So I wrote this piece about building and managing small and medium business networks.

As I said, I hope you enjoy them. If so, please vote on them at Simple Talk, and let me know if you have any corrections or additions.

Back from LISA…a week later

I’d love to have written this entry last week, but I just didn’t have time.

Two weeks ago, I got the chance to head to Boston, MA and attend LISA’11, the 25th LISA Conference…or was that the 25th Anniversary? I always get those confused…

Anyway, I had a really great time, got to sit in on some great sessions, meet some great people (and see some old friends, too!). You can see the blog entries that I and my fellow conference bloggers made at

Also, I was humbled and honored to be given the Chuck Yerkes Award for outstanding individual contributions on member forums:

Chuck Yerkes Award

I can’t tell you how special that is to me. Chuck Yerkes was a gentleman who contributed greatly to the SAGE mailing list, who helped people, and was, by all accounts, a friend to everyone. He was killed in 2004 in a motorcycle accident, and this award was established in his name. It means a lot to me that the leaders of LOPSA thought so much of my efforts that they decided to honor me like this. Thank you, everyone.

Over the course of the week, I attended several Birds of a Feather sessions (BoFs) as well. At the LOPSA Mentorship BoF, I won a drawing for something really cool:

Now, there’s a slight wrinkle…I’m a USENIX conference blogger…so I’ll be going for free anyway…this is where you come in.

I am going to give away this pass to someone who reads this blog. The only real challenge is how to decide. I need your help figuring that out. Think about it, and let me know how you think I should decide to give away my free pass to the LISA’12 Technical Sessions in sunny San Diego, CA!

News: Mozilla adds Extended Support Releases for Firefox

I’m still at LISA’11 and I’m in the Mozilla BoF session. They just announed an extended support release schedule for Firefox!

This was done directly to counteract the bad publicity that they garnered when they moved to the rapid release schedule.

This is really exciting, and Mozilla should be commended for committing to support the enterprise community while still maintaining their aggressive stance of improvement.