More of my SysAdmin articles online from Simple Talk

I did some work with Red Gate a while back, and some of that content is now being released online. Hopefully you’ll find it useful and informative.

What we have is:

  • Networking: The Crib Sheet
  • When I wrote these pieces, I intended them to be tied together, and I didn’t expect everyone to have the underlying knowledge necessary to administer a network. Such a big part of understanding why our networks are laid out and configured they way that they are is understanding how TCP/IP operates. I wrote this piece to try to introduce the information necessary to really grok the rest of the work.

  • Physical Layout for the Reluctant
  • Wrangling the configuration on switches and routers is only half the battle. We small infrastructure admins often find ourselves doing a lot of the physical work, too, and I don’t ever see any documentation for it. Which sucks. So I wrote this to help.

  • Logical Network Layout for Small Networks
  • The documentation that I DO see is almost always about either large infrastructures or small home networks. Never anything devoted to the size that I admin. So I wrote this piece about building and managing small and medium business networks.

As I said, I hope you enjoy them. If so, please vote on them at Simple Talk, and let me know if you have any corrections or additions.

  • ChrisW

    Some good stuff there Matt, just the sort of information I would have really learnt a lot from when starting out.
    I’d also add some of the pictures, both good and bad, from the Flickr ‘Datacenter Group’ album. Getting the physical side right tends to lead onto getting the logical side right as well. That and we all love to look at pretty pictures (and laugh/sigh/cry at shocking ones) :)


  • Flemming Jacobsen

    I actually like these and will print them out for reference when my knowledge starts to get sketchy. Feel free to do more :)