News: Mozilla adds Extended Support Releases for Firefox

I’m still at LISA’11 and I’m in the Mozilla BoF session. They just announed an extended support release schedule for Firefox!

This was done directly to counteract the bad publicity that they garnered when they moved to the rapid release schedule.

This is really exciting, and Mozilla should be commended for committing to support the enterprise community while still maintaining their aggressive stance of improvement.

  • Chris

    If they think a one year support model for enterprise customers is going to placate them, then they clearly don’t understand how large enterprises work.

  • James

    I concur. The article says that the one year is security updates, no backporting of features. If it was one year of feature support and then longer of security only support, they might be good to go.

    I’ve been kicking myself needing to get my Ubuntu Server LTS 8.04 upgraded, but that ancient software will still be getting security updates until 2013. Five release cycles of a browser could occur within one release cycle of a server OS.