Entries from January 2012

Manhattan World Tour – 1 Night Only! Wednesday 2/1/2012!

Date January 31, 2012

Just a note…I’m back in NYC this week doing some contracting work. I’ve got Wednesday (tomorrow) night open for dinner, if anyone wants to hang out. I’m meeting some friends who are sysadmin-types at Brother Jimmy’s BBQ in Union Square at 7pm, so you’re welcome to come by! See you there!

PICC Submissions: only 5 days left! Submit now!

Date January 26, 2012

I just submitted a proposal for an hour long talk for this year’s PICC Conference in New Jersey. I shouldn’t have waited so long, but at least I got it in. Submissions are being accepted through the end of the month, and it’s really super-easy to do. All you need is a short paragraph describing […]

Sometimes, you just have to do something to make yourself happy

Date January 25, 2012

Today, I’m in San Jose at the Wireless Mobility Symposium, and while we were planning it, Stephen Foskett jokingly suggested that we needed a “geek-o-meter” to help gauge the technical level of the presentations. It sounded like so much fun that I had to do it. And since it’s the Wireless symposium, it had to […]

Wesley David tackles the piracy issue

Date January 24, 2012

I think my article on software piracy touched a nerve with a lot of people. I’ve been arguing my case with Philip Durbin since then on Google+. I’ve had almost innumerable conversations with people on twitter about it. And it apparently spurred Wesley David into writing a piece talking about the moral side of the […]

Umm…can I have your old SSD?

Date January 21, 2012

The thought occurs to me that there is a lot of concern about the health of SSDs by admins who don’t have a lot of experience with them. I don’t have a lot of experience with them either, but I’ve spent a decent amount of time learning how they work, why they fail, and reading […]

The real loser in software piracy isn’t who you think

Date January 20, 2012

You might have heard that the US Government recently shut down MegaUpload, an online “file locker” which was used by many pirates to store their illegally acquired and transmitted software. Of course, the fact that it was used by a great number of people to store completely legitimate files was irrelevant to the DOJ. But […]