Entries from April 2012

Nagios World Conference - Sept 25-28 in St. Paul, MN USA

Date April 28, 2012

I like Nagios a lot. Actually, I really just like monitoring the status of my resources and services, and I like incredibly flexible software that allows you to do whatever you want in order to accomplish your goals. In other words, Nagios. It's not without its warts, but it is software that I've used for […]

I Can't Drink, and Neither Should You

Date April 20, 2012

Just kidding. I've had this blog post sitting in my queue for a week. I really thought this whole thing would blow over, but people keep talking about it, and as an interested conference-goer, it's not outside of the realm of my interests...it's just that I think that this whole "drinking at conferences" thing is […]

AWS Marketplace: A New Moneypit

Date April 19, 2012

So last night, Amazon issued a press release announcing the availability of the Amazon Marketplace: ...an online store where customers can find, buy, and quickly deploy software that runs on AWS. You can select software from well-known vendors including CA, Canonical, Couchbase, Check Point, IBM, Microsoft, SUSE, RedHat, SAP, and Zend as well as many […]

BayArea Folks: Solid State Symposium next Wednesday

Date April 16, 2012

Next Wednesday, April 25th, the Tech Field Day crew is organizing a Solid State Storage Symposium in San Jose, California. Stephen Foskett is hosting the all-day event which features a keynote address by Robin Harris of StorageMojo fame. Chris M Evans, Howard Marks, and Nigel Poulton will moderate a panel of innovators in the enterprise […]

Free Advice Is Worth What You Pay For It

Date April 14, 2012

It's weird how things come in groups, seemingly. I can go for weeks or months and not get an email or message from readers asking advice, then a few will pop-up all at once. In the past week, I've gotten no less than three messages, all from different people who are going through certain decision-making […]

Columbus, OH LOPSA Meeting Tomorrow (Thursday, April 12, 2012)

Date April 11, 2012

I just realized that I hadn't posted anything about the LOPSA meeting this month. LOPSA Columbus (website forthcoming) is having our April meeting tomorrow at 6:30pm at the Datacenter.bz offices and datacenter. This is the first of a series of Datacenter tours that LOPSA Columbus is taking. We're going to be doing one per quarter, […]