Entries from May 2012

LOPSA Board Elections Beginning – 2012-06-01

Date May 31, 2012

Tomorrow, June 1st, 2012, the polls will open on the LOPSA Board of Directors Election. If you’re a LOPSA member, make sure to read both the candidates’ statements, as well as the town hall meeting Q&A (we had one on May 8th and May 24th). After you’ve read those statements, rock the vote. If you’re […]

Lithium Battery Safety Considerations

Date May 29, 2012

(note: This blog post has been edited from its initial form, and will likely continue to be edited in the near future. This editing is in response to the correct summary that it was originally too alarmist, and that’s not a tone that I like or support. So I’m trying to improve the flow of […]

LOPSA announces $1500 stipend competition for Women in Advanced Computing Summit

Date May 24, 2012

The League of Professional System Administrators (of which I’m a big fan, and a member of the Leadership Committee) has announced that they’re offering a $1500 stipend to attend the 2012 USENIX Women in Advanced Computing Summit. The stipend will be awarded to the winner of a competition consisting of two brief essays on the […]

Engineering Infrastructures For Humans

Date May 21, 2012

I’ve been lucky enough to have the chance to fly a lot over the past year or so. Working with Stephen Foskett and the rest of the Tech Field Day crew means that I’ve been to California almost every month. That’s a lot of flying. One of the things that I’ve noticed on my flights […]

Happy Blogiversary Standalone SysAdmin

Date May 14, 2012

Today is May 14th! Four years ago today, I wrote my very first entry on the Standalone SysAdmin blog! In Free advice is worth what you pay for it, I wrote about the genesis of my blogging – it all started with my LiveJournal, and my friends complaining that they didn’t “get” what I was […]

Triumphant return of SysAdministrivia

Date May 4, 2012

I love the idea of podcasts, but I decided a while back that the ones that were out there all fell into a format that were nearly unlistenable to me. I didn’t like the length, and I didn’t like the ceaseless laughing at each other by the cohosts. It was just grating on my nerves. […]

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