LOPSA Board Elections Beginning – 2012-06-01

Tomorrow, June 1st, 2012, the polls will open on the LOPSA Board of Directors Election.

If you’re a LOPSA member, make sure to read both the candidates’ statements, as well as the town hall meeting Q&A (we had one on May 8th and May 24th). After you’ve read those statements, rock the vote.

If you’re not a member of LOPSA, let me give you something to think about. Four of the five people on that roster will be elected. Go look at their statements and see what they plan on doing. Their plans are going to be for the good of ALL system administrators, not just for LOPSA. If you are a sysadmin (or a network administrator, or a storage admin, or an application admin), then you should know that the LOPSA elections will affect you, too, in the long run.

It’s precisely because LOPSA is such a young organization that I say that you should join. The amount of impact you can have in the organization right now is tremendous. We’re small, and we’re growing. It’s important to steer the ship well now, because later there’s going to be much more inertia, and it takes a lot more effort to turn a big ship than it does a small one. We need your input.

There are over a dozen volunteer jobs that are empty right now, and we need people to fill them. There are openings in the web staff, the membership management staff, editing and content for the newsletter, and the chapters, education, and mentorship programs need volunteers. Anyone who takes those roles will be afforded more voice than someone who doesn’t, if only because LOPSA is a meritocracy, and people who get things done are appreciated.

My advice is to check out the people running, join LOPSA, and vote in the election. Then email me and let me know that you want to volunteer. I’m on the Leadership Committee…I can help you with things like that.

Anyway, my $0.02 about why you should join LOPSA today. With all of the times I’ve suggested it, I imagine I’m working up to a milkshake or so.

  • Jon Henry

    FYI, if you know where to direct such feedback, the “Join Now” link at the bottom of https://lopsa.org/why_join is broken. The link in the menu bar works, however. Not the best first impression :)