Triumphant return of SysAdministrivia

I love the idea of podcasts, but I decided a while back that the ones that were out there all fell into a format that were nearly unlistenable to me. I didn’t like the length, and I didn’t like the ceaseless laughing at each other by the cohosts. It was just grating on my nerves. I decided that I wanted to do one, but differently than what was out there.

After some discussion, my friend Brandon Burton and I started a podcast called SysAdministrivia. We released 2 episodes of the 4 that we recorded, but life intervened. Brandon changed jobs, I quit mine, and I moved to Ohio. And 18 months passed.

Now, though, we’re back. Episode 003 was released today. It’s only 25 minutes, so it should be easy to listen to. There are show notes with links on the website.

Please check it out, and if you like the format and idea, subscribe to the RSS. We’ll work on getting iTunes integration, but if there’s anything we should be doing that we aren’t, drop me a line or a comment below and tell me!

Thanks for listening!

  • Awesome! I’m always on the lookout for good system admin oriented podcasts. Currently the only two I listen to regularly are RunAs Radio and The Food Fight Show. I’ll definitely check yours out.

  • John McGrath

    Are you guys planning on making more episodes?
    What will be the scheduled interval of release?

    I enjoyed the first two, and would like to add this one into rotation (I commute 40 minutes one way).