Columbus, Ohio SysAdmin Day Event: 2012

So tonight is my last night in Columbus before I move to Boston. And today is System Administrator Appreciation Day. I could be at home helping my wife and her parents finish the packing and cleaning process…but it’s SysAdmin Appreciation Day…choices.

So tonight, at 6:30pm, I’m going to be at The Winking Lizard on Bethel Road.

This is very much an informal get-together. I’ve been so busy with all of the moving things that I’ve been neglecting my community duties, and I’m sorry for that…but you should come chastise me in person, tonight.

So that I have some idea of how many people to tell the greeter, I’ve created an EventBrite event so that you can let me know that you’re coming. I’d love to see you there, and again, sorry for the short notice.

SysAdmin Appreciation Day Contests, Events, and More!

It’s the end of July already? Jeez, time flies when you constantly move across the country, change jobs, and have to look for housing are having fun, eh?

As you (should) know, the last Friday of July is celebrated internationally as System Administrator Appreciation Day, a day when IT administrators of all kinds can finally bask in the thanks and appreciation of our coworkers…or at least we can go treat ourselves to a drink with the only folks who really understand us…other sysadmins!

As usual, there are a lot of SysAdmin Day events going on, and this year, LOPSA is acting as a clearing house for them.

Although it’s the Tuesday before, I have, sadly, not had a chance yet to set up a SysAdmin Appreciation Day event in my hometown of Columbus, Ohio, but I plan on doing it before the end of the day. I have requested sponsorship from a company, and I’m waiting to hear back. Even if we don’t get sponsorship, it would be great to have people come hang out together. The only question is where, and I’ll be answering that today or, at latest, tomorrow.

Also, I’m very excited to be judging two SysAdmin Appreciation Day contests this year. I’m returning to my previous role of judging the Cyber-Ark contest. Here’s a quote from their website:

…in keeping with the spirit of SysAdminDay, we’re asking participants to not only reflect on their greatest IT achievement from the past year, but to also anticipate the IT trends that will continue to drive and shape the SysAdmin position for years to come.

So without further ado, this year’s System Administrator Appreciation Day Twitter Contest question is:

“What skills and experience have you gained in the past year that will most help you in the coming one, and why?”

Personally, I’d like to hear a mixture of technical and soft skills. I think the latter is harder to actually gain than the former, but I’m interested in both.

Also judging the contest is our good friend Wesley David and a system administrator at NetApp, Cole Lavallee. I’m really looking forward to working with them while seeing what you all submit.

The prizes are very cool, with the winner getting an Amazon Kindle Fire, with the 2nd and 3rd place runner-ups receiving a $50 Amazon gift card. That’s pretty awesome!

To enter, just tweet your response using the format: “#SysAdminDay @cyberark RESPONSE”

Also exciting news, I’m judging the new Solar Winds System Administrator Appreciation Day Contest which is being held on their community for sysadmins, Thwack.

The theme for this contest is Tales from the Trenches. Here’s a quote from the contest:

Entrants will share their story in the SysAdmin Day Contest space on thwack. Entries can be interesting, shocking, horrible, funny, dumb, epic, etc. Like any good story, the most winning stories will capture and keep our attention!

Put some thought into what you think your best story is, as those that post more than one story will be disqualified from winning.

I can’t speak for my fellow judges, but when I judge contests like this, I like stories that have a positive note. In one of my very earliest blog entries, I wrote about Infrastructure Upgrades Through Forest Fires, where I had a severe power outage, but used it to improve my network, because sadly, that was the only extended downtime I was likely to get. I would like to hear about the positive aspects, and I don’t really want to hear anyone being called names for not knowing something. Again, just my view.

The winner of this contest will receive an iPad! (Or, more technically, they will receive an Apple gift card equal to $499, the price of the 32GB WiFi iPad)…which is awesome, because you can use that for all kinds of things…PLUS they’ll receive an original piece of art to represent his/her story. That sounds pretty darned awesome, too.

The next four winners, which will be chosen by the Thwack Community, will receive $50 gift cards from ThinkGeek.

Awesome prizes, so you should enter now! It’s very easy. Join the Thwack community (for free, of course!), then write and submit your story to the SysAdmin Day Contest section. That’s it!

You’ve got to get it in before Friday, so do it now. You can, and should, enter both contests. Good luck!

Presenting at LOPSA Columbus tonight

Well, it’s certainly been a while since I wrote a blog entry! Sorry about that. I’ve had a lot on my mind lately, what with the moving, new job, and lots of personal stuff, but I’m still hanging around, and I’ll get more blog entries out in the coming month.

Anyway, tonight the Columbus LOPSA chapter is meeting is being held at the Expedient Datacenter in Columbus.

I’ll be giving a short talk on considerations for datacenter migrations, then we’ll be getting a tour of the datacenter itself. Our last datacenter tour was great, and I expect this one to be, as well.

If you are in the Columbus area (or know someone who is), then you should join the LOPSA Columbus mailing list and come to the meetings.

You can let us know that you’ll be attending the meeting tonight on MeetUp. See you there!