SoCal LOPSA Chapter. Who’s doing it?

I have heard from a ton of people in Southern California (or SoCal for you peeps not hip to the jive) who want to attend a LOPSA meeting in Southern California. Enough people that they’d actually start out with a full chapter.

This is silly. I don’t live in SoCal, so I can’t start that chapter, but I can help someone else do it. So who’s in? Who wants to organize a LOPSA chapter there? Who would attend one (and remember, you don’t need to be a LOPSA member to attend the chapter meetings typically).

A while back, I wrote a LOPSA Locals Chapter Guide designed to make it easier for organizers to spin up LOPSA chapters. Take a look through if you’re interested.

The biggest single thing that everyone is afraid of is, “I can’t lead a group of sysadmins”. As I say in the guide, don’t think of yourself as a leader, think of yourself as an organizer. You’re already an amazing organizer of things, otherwise you’d never have made it as a sysadmin. Organizing LOPSA chapters are just one other type of logistics. You’re good at logistics; you can do this.

I will personally help anyone willing to start working on a LOPSA chapter in Southern California. LISA12 is in San Diego this year. It would be AWESOME to have a local chapter represent.

If you are interested in Organizing OR Attending a meeting somewhere in SoCal, drop a comment here or shoot me an email and let me know you’re interested.