Entries from September 2012

Adding switchports doesn't suck anymore!

Date September 28, 2012

Working in a college is such a different environment from what I was used to. Some examples: We don't have "on call". Seriously. The most critical core router on my section of the network can go down at 3am, and I won't find out about it until the morning when I wake up. When I […]

New LOPSA Chapters starting in DC and Austin, TX

Date September 25, 2012

LOPSA's new local chapter drive is rolling right along. In the past month, LOPSA-LA became a full fledged chapter, and LOPSA-OC (Orange County) are working on starting a chapter. It's time to start thinking about which chapters come next. And LOPSA Board Member Evan Pettrey has been doing that! He's got a new chapter that […]

And if every Fortune 50 company jumped off a bridge?

Date September 17, 2012

Oh, look! Microsoft is eliminating backup generators! That's awesome. I'm going to save so much on generator maintenance and fuel! Lemme call to cancel my contract. --Some Idiot, somewhere on the Internet Yes, it's true. Microsoft is eliminating backup generators and switching to alternative methods of providing backup power (in some cases - in others, […]

Looking for a job? Make sure you look hard enough.

Date September 14, 2012

When someone tries to interview you, you try to interview them right back - With apologies to Malcolm Reynolds A question came up on the SysAdmin subreddit asking how someone could be sure that the company was actually presenting itself accurately. I think that needs to be a concern for anyone interviewing for a new […]

First book to discuss: Pro Puppet

Date September 10, 2012

Alright, first, I'm going to be upfront. Here's how the voting turned out: Yes, it was a tie, which is really kind of amazing when you look at the numbers. In the event of a tie, the deciding vote shall be cast by the Benevolent-Dictator-For-Life, so I'm voting for Pro Puppet. If you're not familiar […]

Potential Irvine and Los Angeles LOPSA Chapters

Date September 10, 2012

Remember that whole crazy "Hey, lets start a LOPSA chapter" thing from last week? Guess what! There are TWO new LOPSA chapters in the process of starting up. Well, sort of. Probably (Obviously, the LOPSA Board has to vote on the creation of chapters and things like that). See, LOPSA-LA has been an affiliate for […]