Interest in a book club of sorts?

So, I like books. Just ask my wife…I can’t tell you how many boxes of books I’ve sold because we keep moving cross country. As it turns out, she doesn’t hate books, she just hates carrying them, so I’ve been getting a lot of books for my Kindle. Totally best of both worlds.

Anyway, I’ve had the idea for starting a “book club” for a while. I want to know what you think.

My idea is basically, once a month or so, to throw up a survey with a few books that I’d like to read, and everyone can vote. We’ll give it a few days, then the winning book will be the book that month. On a set date, I’ll host a Google+ hangout where me and 9 other people can talk about the book, what we thought about it, and so on.

Let me know if this is something you would be interested in seeing or taking part in. If you can’t see the embedded form below, you can get to it here.

Edit #1
For clarification, since a couple of people have asked, these would be IT books, or books relevant to IT (so things like Sydney Dekker’s Drift into Failure would be a potential topic (the $16 Kindle version please, not the $125 hardback!)

Edit #2

I’ve had 20 responses in an hour. 19 were positive, and 1 was negative.


Comment below to suggest some books for the first month! I’ll start:

Anyway, suggest more in the comments. Try to stick to books that are less than 500 pages (so you won’t see Gödel, Escher, Bach or TPOSANA, even though you desperately need to read both.

  • Pat Cable

    Other ideas: “Taming Information Technology” (unfortunately it isn’t cheap) or “The Shape of Design” (which isnt IT related but could be if you wanted it to be). What about “The Visible Ops Handbook” – I bet there are people who haven’t read it (me) that just havent gotten around to it.

    Out of that list i’d probably pick The Art of Scalability.

    I think OS-agnostic books may generate more discussion? Just a thought. What about that book on how medicine became a licensed practice that you mentioned at PICC?

  • I like the sounds of Pro Puppet, something I would be very interested in learning more about, and this would push it for me a little ;)

    But I do agree with Pat when it comes to sticking with Generic. You would get more people interested.

  • I agree. In the beginning, I’ll almost certainly do something generic so that a lot of people can take part, but once we get it going, we can splinter it a little bit, so that we can go specific for a month, then back to generic, and so on.

    Thanks for the comments and the interest, guys!

  • Count me in! I have been reading anything distributed systems related but would like the idea of things I wouldnt normally read. Would be neat to get some discussion even live going on the reviews. Great idea just let me know where and when!

  • Hi Matt,

    I vote for Pro Puppet – we had someone at our VMUG talk about puppet and its something that I would like to get started with.

  • Steve

    Either Pro Puppet or Art of Scalability is good.

  • John M

    I also vote for ‘Pro Puppet’

  • Any suggestions that I haven’t mentioned are welcome, too!

  • I’m game. My vote’s for The Art of Scalability.

    I also agree with what Pat Cable said about OS-agnostic books. (Or, to take it further, software-agnostic.)

  • I vote for Pro Puppet, so I know what my husband is talking about… ;)

    I really like the idea of varying specific topic books with general topic books.

  • Mark Harrigan

    Another vote for Pro Puppet.

  • Katherine

    I vote for Pro Puppet!

  • Sonya

    I vote The Art of Scalability.

  • I like Art of Scalability for the glue across all verticals.

  • Brian

    I vote Pro Puppet as well.

  • While I tend to read SF/Fan books on my Kindle, I do sometimes read tech books too, with quite a few O’Reilly books on my little white slab… I’d be in.

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  • Strohs

    Sign me up, puppet sounds interesting

  • Josh

    Nagios would be a great book to read through!

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