Interview with SolarWinds on Thwack

I got a chance to sit down the other day with Jennifer Kuvlesky from Solar Winds as part of a new feature they’re starting, called the IT Blog Spotlight. I was happy to be their second interview, right behind my good friend Tom Hollingsworth.

Jennifer did a heroic job of condensing down our 35+ minute interview into something readable. We talked about why I went into blogging, how it has affected my professional career, how great it is to hear from my reader, and more.

You can read the entire thing at Thwack.

As a disclaimer, Solar Winds does buy advertising on this blog. That had absolutely nothing to do with the interview. I’ve been to the Solar Winds HQ in Austin because of my affiliation with Tech Field Day, and while I genuinely like the company and the people I’ve met there, I don’t use the software, so I can’t advocate for or against it. I just want to be up front with you, so that you understand there’s no shenanigans going on.

  • Matt – so glad you and Jennifer got to meet! I know she really enjoyed your phone conversation. Stay warm and dry.