On-Call Pagers – Timeline for Pro Puppet

OK, I meant to get this entry out yesterday, but that didn’t happen. Sorry!

First off, how is everyone doing? Everyone making progress? Don’t feel bad if you get behind. We’re all sysadmins, and we all know that the “real world” can intervene in any good plan. The overall goal is to read these books and expose ourselves to new ideas and to pick up new skills. If you don’t get done on the timeline for the book club, don’t sweat it.

So lets talk about the timeline for a second. So here’s the line as I’m looking at it.

We decided on the book on September 10th. I wanted about a month to make it through the book, so that would put the discussion sometime in the next week or so. So here’s the plan.

Sometime later this week or early next, we’re going to have an “Ask Me Anything” with the authors of Pro Puppet, James Turnbull and Jeffrey McCune. I’m working with them on scheduling it right now, but it’s probably going to take place on /r/OnCallPagers on Reddit. I’ll make sure to update here (as well as on twitter and email) so you’re aware of when it starts.

The Friday following the AMA, I want to start discussing the book. Since we’re not in the analog world, we don’t have to all do it at the same time. The best way that I can come up with is for me to start a thread on /r/OnCallPagers for people to reply on and share their thoughts.

This has the advantage of keeping the subreddit relatively clean (which isn’t a concern now, but might be after a dozen books), plus gives people of the future one specific place to look when they eventually use us as a resource. Your words are always your own, of course, so I’d encourage you to share them in any blog or journal that you maintain online.

A week or so after the thread opens, I want to have a Google+ hangout session with some people who have reviewed the book in the thread. You don’t have to join the hangout if you talk about the book, but I’d like to keep the hangout to people who have read and can discuss the book. The day after the hangout, we’ll vote on the next book.

So that’s the plan. This technique probably isn’t optimal, but I figure it will work at least for the first book. The format will no doubt change, and I’m very open to suggestions if you have any. I’m also open to questions, so make sure to comment below if you have any.

Thanks! I’m really looking forward to this!

  • Ramin K

    Any date for the book club yet?