God Made a SysAdmin

If you watched the SuperBowl (or, more likely, watched the commercials the next day on the net), you probably saw the Dodge commercial, Farmer, the audio of which was taken from a speech made by Paul Harvey, So God Made a Farmer.

I actually really liked the commercial, and it really struck a chord with a lot of people.

It wasn’t long before someone on /r/sysadmin write a parody of it, called God Made a SysAdmin. I read it, and thought, “That would make an awesome parody commercial”.

I got in touch with Chester Gifford, the guy who wrote it, and asked if he minded if I made a video to accompany it. He didn’t, so that was the first step.

Next, I needed a lot of pictures. I went to the LOPSA Board, explained what I wanted to do, and asked if they minded if I emailed pretty much all of the local chapter mailing lists requesting pictures. They didn’t. So that was the next step.

Now, I just needed someone to read it. I had no idea who I was going to get, but as luck would have it, when I emailed the Columbus LOPSA chapter, my buddy Drew Stemen asked me if I had anyone to record the voice yet. Funny you should mention it… so that was the third step.

Yesterday, I spent some serious hours getting things arranged. It took serious hours because I’m really not good with iMovie. Like, I’m bad at it. Which is fine, since I don’t actually do it for my day job. But if you notice any oddities, it’s probably because I’m bad at iMovie. Sorry about that.

So without further ado or apologies, I present God Made a SysAdmin

If you can’t see the iframe, you can also watch on YouTube. If you like the video, please share with your friends! Thanks!

  • Stephen

    I wonder if we can get a kickstart campaign going to get this in the next round of Superbowl ads.

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  • Praveen

    I worked as system admin and now I manage team of system admins I am thrilled to see “God Made System Admins” cant anyone imagine a day wihtout system admins , we touch lifes not only systems. We should be proud of beign system admins..