Big #SysAdmin Survey! Win Prizes!

Way back in January, I won a lot of leather luggage. Along with the luggage came a lot of accessories, and I’m not going to use them, so I’m giving them away to you, plus I have another gift to give that I’ll talk about in a second.

The leather stuff I’ll be giving away is:

  • 5 leather keychain fobs, one in each color they make (yours will be chosen at random)
  • 1 leather cup holder to keep hot coffee from burning your hand
  • 1 bottle of car Leather Care
  • 1 bottle of furniture Leather Care
  • 1 ID wallet (the other side of the wallet has a window for your ID)
  • 1 iPad 2/3 case

This is all Saddleback Leather, some of the best stuff you can buy. The iPad case by itself is over $100!

The iPad case was going to be the biggest win, but now there’s something even better. Courtesy of Scott Murphy of Ottawa Valley SAGE and LOPSA, the grand prize is FREE ADMISSION TO LOPSA-East! How awesome is that?!?

“But Matt! How can I win such great and amazing prizes?” you might well ask.

Take this survey!, I would reply.

Seriously, I’ve put together a survey of…frankly…assorted questions, from myself and other people that I’m friends with, all of who are curious about different aspects of life as system administrators. Please take some time and think about your answers.

And if you’re curious, I will be releasing the results of the survey publicly. As always, I will redact any personal or identifying information, and if I have questions, I’ll be in touch (since one of the fields in this survey is for your email address, that way I can let you know that you win).

If you can’t see that embedded iframe, you can click here to take the survey.

Today is Friday, March 22nd. I’m going to be shutting down this survey on Friday, March 29th at noon. I’ll spend the weekend redacting personal details and starting to contact the winners, and I’ll release the survey results early the week of April 1st.

Thanks for your time, thanks for filling out the survey, and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me here or via email.

Survey results are in!

Read about them here!