Google Reader Going Away

Sometimes, I really think that Google’s goal is to make really cool things that we love, then take them away from us. They’re like the Joss Whedon of internet services.

Announced yesterday, Google is powering down Google Reader on July 1, 2013. Here’s a quote:

usage of Google Reader has declined, and as a company we’re pouring all of our energy into fewer products. We think that kind of focus will make for a better user experience.

A better user experience that doesn’t let me follow blogs that I subscribe to, apparently. I guess I could just search for the blogs I’m interested in, right?

If you want to get depressed, here’s a list of other discontinued Google products.

So what do we do now? Besides drink heavily, of course. Well, I’ve heard good things about NewsBlur. Their interface is shiny and they can import your feeds from Google Reader directly (but hurry!). They’re also cross platform and have mobile apps for iOS and Android. If you’re like me and follow…well…everything, then it’s $1/mo (for over 6412 RSS feeds). If you’re like me and don’t want to be, that might be a good impetus to “thin the herd”, so to speak. Unfortunately, they’re having some scaling problems at the moment because of the influx (apparently one signup per second!). Hopefully things will get straightened out soon.

I’ve also heard people say nice things about feedly, and I have used their android app. It’s nice, but I haven’t spent the hours with it I’d need to actually recommend it.

If you aren’t using Google Reader, what do you use? Share with us so we can DoS your service, too!

  • A combination of Twitter and Facebook. Bet it’s those two that killed Google Reader if my usage is typical.

  • Stephen

    I feel like this may have more repercussions than google is expecting. At least for myself, I have used google reader for years to read over 300,000 articles according to their count. For people in tech like myself, I will find it difficult to recommend anything Google going forward since they’re killing so many services.

  • Tried to log into Feedly, its been a while since I used it. Error ‘Feedly Failed Cloud’. Would imagine it will get sorted out soon. Not sure how to use function without Reader.

  • I really like the Reeder interface on both iOS and Mac for Google Reader. They seem to support Fever as well, which is a PHP app you run on your own server; does anyone have experience with it?

  • John

    I just started using Feedly, so I can’t really give an opinion on it.

    I haven’t used Google Reader as a page, but have used it in the iGoogle page (which is going away also…), and I liked it.

    I am not sure why Google is getting rid of iGoogle… It is a great aggregation page for my many blogs, news and other items of interest for me.

  • I’ve decided to host my own with Tiny Tiny RSS ( I used to before Google Reader was available and got me into reading via RSS and now, rather fittingly, going back to it!

    There is an Android app (it’s trialware) and it’s not bad, comparable to Google’s Android offering, but doesn’t have the same polish as some of the 3rd party apps (e.g. Feedly).

    Speaking of Feedly, I haven’t been able to get it to import my Google details so I haven’t tried it yet.

    The benefit of TT-RSS is I’m not dependant on a 3rd party hosting solution, just my own net connection.

  • I just set up a copy of Selfoss ( in a subdirectory on my website. It’s pretty easy to set up, pretty to use for long periods, can be set to private mode (requires a passphrase to log in before anything can be read), and can import your Google Reader subscriptions after exporting everything with Takeaway.

  • I’ve switched to Newsbeuter, a command-line client-side RSS reader with a similar interface to the Mutt mailer. I really like it. I wrote some migration instructions here:

  • Aaron

    Trying out as of today – it looks promising.