LOPSA Atlanta Chapter Forming

I love the smell of a new LOPSA chapter in the morning.

Two gentlemen local to Atlanta have volunteered to help organize a LOPSA chapter in that fine city. Many thanks go to Wolf Halton and Maurice Pryce for stepping up and getting the ball rolling.

If you’re in or around Atlanta (or know admins who are), check out the Atlanta, GA mailing list, and “Like” their page on Facebook.

Wolf and Maurice are planning an event to be held in conjunction with SysAdmin Day, so make sure to subscribe for more updates.

If you would like to see a LOPSA chapter in your city, please send email to the LOPSA Locals committee, or just comment below and I’ll get you in touch with the right people. Thanks!

  • David K

    I would love to see a LOPSA chapter in Central Florida. Unfortunately I don’t have time to organize it myself, but I’d be willing to assist someone who does!