SysAdmin Day – What is it, and why?

Today is the 14th annual celebration of System Administrator Appreciation Day, as you probably know. I’ve talked about it a lot on this blog, there are all kinds of events going on, and whenever people have lamented the fact that there wasn’t an event in their area, my answer was universally, “start one!”

A lot of people ask, “What is a good gift for system administrator appreciation day?”, and to me, that’s kind of a strange question. I mean, who doesn’t like getting stuff? But that almost makes it sound like we expect gifts, as bribery or placation, and I don’t think that’s the case anywhere or with anyone I’ve ever talked to.

The name of the day isn’t “Give System Administrators Gifts So They Like You And Will Recover Your Files Day”, it’s “System Administrator Appreciation Day”. The idea is to remind people that even though they might not hear from us, or see us, we’re there, and a present isn’t nearly as valuable as a heartfelt “thank you”.

A lot of professions have appreciation days (including doctors, architects, and there’s even a “Be Kind to Lawyers” day). It’s not that we want people to lavish gifts on us or put us on a pedestal. We, like all people, want to be appreciated for what we do.

Go have a great sysadmin appreciation day. Celebrate it with some sysadmins in your area, and realize the fact that even if people don’t say it all the time, they do appreciate you – if not your coworkers, then your fellow admins.

  • I celebrate by getting paid.

  • I was on vacation that day, but I understand there was cake