Come Work With Me! We’re Hiring a SysAdmin!

So, one of my coworkers has left, and we’re currently looking for someone to take over as the primary Linux admin on the team. There are currently three of us, including David Blank-Edelman, who you might know as the author of a few Perl and SysAdmin books.

Here’s the job posting. Submit a resume and come work with me at Northeastern University’s College of Computer and Information Science!

Who Do We Want to Hire?

We’re looking for a well rounded Linux administrator to join our team in a full-time position.

This person’s primary responsibility will be to administer and evolve our Linux infrastructure and the services it provides using sysadmin/devops best practices. We’re currently an Ubuntu/Puppet shop. Our Linux infrastructure runs the standard sets of services you would expect (DNS, mail, web, LDAP, etc) and is back- ended by NetApp and Nimble served storage connected over a largely Cisco network.

We are currently exploring being able to burst some of our workloads up to public cloud providers (AWS, etc). The ideal candidate will have experience with all of the above so they can immediately start contributing to our group.

Similarly, we take on new challenges as needed by the College so having a good generalist “I can learn anything” mindset is key for long-term success in the job. Our group and this position also provides direct support to our user population (in person, email, etc.).

What Do You Have to Know/Be?

Advanced knowledge/experience in Linux infrastructure administration (Ubuntu), general system administration knowledge and experience, general computer security knowledge, programming skills related to system administration automation, excellent communication skills (for user support), architectural thinking, and professional planning all required.

Minimum of 3-5 years of experience with Linux systems administration in medium to large computing infrastructures, preferably with some experience in a research-intensive environment is required. Bachelor’s degree in technology related major is required.

About Us

This position is part of the Northeastern University College of Computer and Information Science’s Systems Group, a team of individuals that take great pride in creating and administering the state-of-the-art computing and networking infrastructure crucial to our College’s success. Our College’s infrastructure supports a 2300+ user population including faculty, staff, and students. Our computing environment is optimized for the teaching and research needs of the College and as a result we run many of our own core services that must integrate well with the resources provided and supported by the central IS organization. It is common for us to be in the vanguard of new technology at Northeastern University.

Why You Would Want To Work Here

It’s an academic environment with all of the significant perks that entails (e.g. tuition reimbursement, casual dress and happy work environment, working with students, training/conferences, etc.) For a list of benefits, see

We’re also really into seeing what we can do to further the field of system administration (do research, present papers at conferences, write books, serve on the USENIX and LOPSA boards, mentor student sysadmins, etc.). We work in a lovely building on Huntington Ave in Boston, MA accessible via two different MBTA lines.

It’s a good gig.

Sounds Great, How Do I Apply?

Candidates Only, please apply at

If you have questions about the job, please feel free to email linuxadm-hire at

We are not looking for contact from recruiters at this time (that address will go away after this candidate is hired, so please don’t add it to your contact list even if your horoscope says that some day you’ll find the perfect candidate for us).

Thanks for taking the time to read this ad and consider working at CCIS.

  • Paul Vixie


  • If only I was qualified. :(