Cascadia IT Conference for Seattle-area SysAdmins: March 7

Although winter has yet to be banished, and here in Boston, we’re waiting for another big snowfall, in Seattle they’re gearing up for another great Cascadia IT Conference!

Screen Shot 2014-02-04 at 7.15.24 AM

This is the third year for Cascadia, and they just keep working harder and harder to bring a really impressive conference schedule. There are a couple of things that stand out for me. One of those is Garrett Honeycutt’s Advanced Puppet tutorial. I mean, just check out the outline:

• How to contribute to open source projects on
• A tiny bit of ruby for people who do not know ruby
• Custom facts
• Custom functions
• How to manage your modules
• librarian-puppet-simple and Puppetfile
• Hiera
• How to leverage it for a data driven infrastructure
• Sample hierarchy
• Components of high quality code
• Spec tests
• Why?
• TDD – Test Driven Development
• What to test
• Writing tests for Manifests, Functions, Facts
• How to setup on GitHub
• How to configure your puppet module
• Write some code together
• Take code they already have and add spec tests
• Take ideas from the attendees, write tests first, then write code. TDD in action
• Review each others code and share on

As someone who writes what I lovingly refer to as “Third-grade Puppet Code”, I would *LOVE* to be able to take that class! If you’re even remotely near the Pacific NorthWest, then you owe it to yourself to check out the full schedule and go to this.

Registration is a la carte – just pay for what you take, whether it’s tech sessions ($210), a single day of tutorials ($275), or an entire two-day conference of classes ($450 with the SuperSaver). You can check it out yourself and register now.

As the picture above indicates, the conference dates are March 7th and 8th at the beautiful Hotel Deca. If you go, make sure to call the Deca to reserve your room from the block – it’s a boutique hotel and their website can’t do room block functionality.

So yes, go, attend Cascadia and have a great time and meet some great people! It’s all really about the community that’s being built, and getting to know the people around you, and local conferences are the perfect way to do it. I’m glad to see that the organizers are still going strong, and with your help, there’s no end in sight! Register Now!

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