No updates lately – super busy!

I’ve been writing less lately than normal, and given my habits of not posting, that’s saying something!

Lately, I’ve been feeling less like a sysadmin and more like a community manager, honestly. On top of the normal LOPSA Board Member duties I’ve had, I’m serving as co-chair of the LISA’14 Tutorials committee AND the Invited Talks committee. PLUS I’ve been doing a lot of work with PICC, the company that manages the Cascadia IT Conference and LOPSA-East (which is next week, so if you haven’t yet, register now. Prices are going up starting on Monday!) .

All of this leaves not much time at all for doing actual sysadmin work, and even less for writing about it.

As an overview of the stuff I’ve been dealing with at work, let me just implore you, if you’re using Cisco Nexus switches, Do Not Use Switch Profiles. I’ve written about them before, but it would be impossible for me to tell you not to use them emphatically enough. They’re terrible. I’ll talk about how terrible some time later, but trust me on this.

Also, I’ve been doing a whole lot of network migration that I’ll also write about at some time in the future, but I’ll just say that it’s really demoralizing to perform the same migration three times, but I’m awfully glad that I had a plan to rollback. At the moment, I’m working on writing some python scripts to make per-port changes simpler so that I can offload it to students. I’m glad that Cisco has the native Nexus Python API, but their configuration support is severely lacking – basically equivalent to cli(). Also, students migrating hosts to the new core…what could possibly go wrong? ;-)

Alright, no time to write more. I will work on writing more frequently, anyway!

  • I’d just assumed that David Blank-Edelman had you washing his car or something (“Hey Matt, don’t forget the Turtle Wax this time!”) Glad to hear it’s not quite as bad as all that. :-)