Securing a half-height rack?

I just posted this to the LOPSA Tech list, but I figured I’d post it here too.

I have an interesting use case.

Because of a lack of space, a few machines which were “free range” in a locked office are now going to have to go into a shared space. The powers that be are concerned about the security of these machines, both in terms of the hardware being “liberated” and data exfiltration.

The machines are interesting because not only do they not require external network connections, they can’t have it. The project specs require an air gap between the machines’ network and my infrastructure.

My kneejerk reaction is that I should order a half height rackmount cabinet, special-order locks, and have modifications made so that it can be bolted or chained to the floor, but I’ve never had to bank vault-ify a rack before, so I thought I’d ask you first.

If you had to secure a rack from access in a public, shared space, and it didn’t require external network access (so no tender, vulnerable wires poking out), how would you do it? What product(s) would you recommend?

Also, there’s really no concern about securing the power feed. If it gets unplugged, that’s sad, but it’s not tragic, because neither the machines nor their data have been compromised in that case.

Update: Went with the SWR-8 Security Wall Mount Cabinet at Rackmount

It works well. We were able to have Carpentry come bolt it to the wall, and the people working on the project have had no complaints.

  • I’ve used ones like this before:

    It’s not Fort Knox, but it keeps honest people honest.

  • In offices where you don’t have any other choice, I like the APC NetShelter CX line:

    It’s not super secure (you can of course lock them, bolt them to the floor, etc.) but most people just assume they’re a piece of office furniture.

  • Peter Eriksson

    It all depends on how hostile the enviroment is?

    Do you need to protect them from five minute daytime theft or do you need to protect them from 1h+ dedicated break in attempt in solitude with power tools?