New SysAdmin Party Sponsor: GOVERLAN

I’m really happy to announce that my SysAdmin Appreciation Day party has another sponsor! This one is GOVERLAN.


GOVERLAN isn’t something that I was familiar with until just the other day. It seems like a pretty cool piece of technology that ties into Active Directory to help manage your Windows infrastructure. That’s pretty vague, I know, but if you like things like “Active Directory Integration” and like managing Windows resources, you should head over to their YouTube channel and watch some videos, which can explain it much better than I can.

Thanks, GOVERLAN, for supporting the SysAdmin Appreciation Day party here in Boston. We appreciate it!

I originally opened 70 tickets, but pulled back 20, since I was having trouble getting sponsors. With this recent news, I’m adding 25 more, so we’re at 75 tickets total (of which a lot have been claimed, so grab yours today!


  • William Goddard

    Congrats Matt…I wish I was coming