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Slight blog upgrade, better speeds, etc

Date June 6, 2014

This blog's web server has been up and down a lot in the past few days. The performance has never been amazing, but it's always been at least passable (unless I'm getting slammed by traffic, of course). But I finally gave up and dug into what was causing the habitual slowness. Running iostat on the […]

#SREcon14, #SpiceWorld in Austin, and #LISA14

Date May 27, 2014

Well, several trends have continued since my last post a month ago, most of which revolve around conferences. Also, you know it's bad when your blog article headline includes three hashtags. First, LOPSA-East went off without a hitch. It was well attended, having over 130 people there, and I think a good time was had […]

No updates lately - super busy!

Date April 23, 2014

I've been writing less lately than normal, and given my habits of not posting, that's saying something! Lately, I've been feeling less like a sysadmin and more like a community manager, honestly. On top of the normal LOPSA Board Member duties I've had, I'm serving as co-chair of the LISA'14 Tutorials committee AND the Invited […]

Busy, Busy, Busy

Date May 16, 2013

I might not notice it at the time, but I can always tell how busy I am by how many blog posts I manage to get live. By my count, I've been doing about one every eight days so far this month (if you count this one). So I'm behind :-) So what's been going […]

Recent lack of updates - blamegame!

Date February 3, 2013

I've got a lot of blog entries that I've been wanting to post lately, but if you go back and look, I haven't. I do have a really good excuse, though. My gallbladder was trying to kill me. Last Tuesday, I had it taken out, and since then, I've not really had a lot of […]

Enterprise Networking's 10 Ten to Watch List

Date January 24, 2013

I wanted to let you know about Enterprise Networking's Top Networking Experts You Need To Follow - they included 9 really amazing networking bloggers...and me! I don't really understand how that works, but I'm deeply honored and confused that they thought to include me in the list. A lot of Tech Field Day alumni are […]