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Fun lesson on VRRP on Nexus

Date April 8, 2014

I'm in the middle of migrating our upstream links from the old 6500 core to the new Nexus switches, and I discovered something fun today that I thought I'd share. Before, since I only had a single switch, each of my subnets had a VLAN interface which had the IP address of the gateway applied, […]

Cisco Switch-Profile Issues

Date December 27, 2013

So, whenever you've got a Fabric Extender attached to more than one switch, you need to configure the shared ports in both places. To make life "easier", Cisco has the concept of "switch profiles", where the two switches will have what amounts to a template, that gets applied. That way you don't have to worry […]

Cisco Icons for the Bored

Date December 12, 2013

I wanted to make a network diagram this morning, so I was scrolling through all 40 pages or so of Cisco icons, I found myself picking out ones that I wish I could use, even though all I wanted was a damned switch icon, and I found everything except a switch icon, but whatever. I […]

Cisco switch-profile Syncing on NX-OS

Date December 4, 2013

Man, I've been pulling my hair out for the past couple of days trying to get my pair of Cisco Nexus 5548s to synchronize their switch profile configurations, but I think I've finally got it, so I wanted to write a little bit and maybe help other people who got stuck, too. Here's some background: […]

Cisco NX-OS Checkpoints and Rollbacks

Date July 4, 2013

Having only run antiquated Cisco gear, I'm now playing with my shiny new Nexus 5548 and I'm loving the concept of checkpoints. This is something that I've wanted for a long time. It's not that you couldn't roll back configurations in IOS, but this runs NX-OS, and the functionality provided here is actually pretty awesome. […]

Welcome Back! Here are your toys!

Date June 24, 2013

I've returned to Boston from what was a pretty eventful vacation in South Carolina. While I was gone, a ton of toys arrived and are just waiting for me to play with them. My core switch is kind of sad. It's an antiquated 6509, which is End of Life'd. Also, I've got 21 racks and […]