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Reminder (to self, too): Use Python virtualenv!

Date April 20, 2015

I’m really not much of a programmer, but I dabble at times, in order to make tools for myself and my colleagues. Or toys, like the time I wrote an entire MBTA library because I wanted to build a Slack integration for the local train service. One of the things that I want to learn better, because […]

Spinning up a quick cloud instance with Digital Ocean

Date April 15, 2015

This is another in a short series of blog posts that will be brought together like Voltron to make something even cooler, but it’s useful on its own.  I’ve written about using a couple other cloud providers before, like AWS and the HP cloud, but I haven’t actually mentioned Digital Ocean yet, which is strange, […]

Big Changes at USENIX LISA in the last 5-10 Years

Date April 8, 2015

We received an interesting email recently: > Did the submissions process for LISA change > in recent years? I recall going to submit a talk a couple years ago > and being really put off by the requirements for talks to be > accompanied by a long paper, and be completely original and not > […]

Connecting Apache Directory Studio to Active Directory

Date March 10, 2015

This is more of a reminder for me than anything, but you might find it useful as well. You may be aware that querying LDAP using the command line tools in Linux are a PITA. Fortunately, the Apache Directory Project has released the Apache Directory Studio (this isn’t new software, I’ve just never written about […]

Annoying pfSense Issue with 2.15 -> 2.2 Upgrade

Date March 3, 2015

I run several pfSense boxes throughout my network. Although the platform doesn’t have an API, and it can be a pain to configure manually in certain cases, it’s generally very reliable once running, and because it’s essentially a skinned BSD, it’s very easy on resources. There’s also a really nice self-update feature that I use […]

VLAN Translation on a Nexus 5548 – :Sad Trombone:

Date February 23, 2015

I’ve got a problem. Our school is expanding, and we’re constantly hiring people. We’re hiring so many people that they won’t actually fit in the building we’re in. Because of that, we’re having to expand outside of the building we’ve been in for years. Part of that expansion is extending my networks across campus (and […]