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LOPSA East #SysAdmin conference in NJ - Early Bird ending soon

Date March 19, 2014

I don't know about you, but I love a good local SysAdmin conference, and LOPSA-East is definitely shaping up to be one. Now in its fifth year, it's being chaired by LOPSA Board Member Evan Pettrey, who also started the Crabby Admin chapter in Baltimore. The training classes look great as always, and include a […]

Just what we need...another package manager

Date March 18, 2014

The rust programming language announced the release of Cargo, their new package manager, which will, "support the common lifecycle for packages", because we don't have enough of that already. Before I start, let me just say - I'm not picking on rust or cargo. This isn't about them. This is about the ecosystem. We have […]

Interview with Atom Powers, co-chair of #CasIT14 in Seattle

Date February 17, 2014

I've been involved in LOPSA's regional conferences since 2010, when NJ-LOPSA first held the Professional IT Community Conference. The next year, Seattle got in on the act, and the Seattle-Area System Administrators Guild put on Cascadia IT Conference in 2011. This year, helping Lee Damon along is Atom Powers, a gentleman I've not yet had […]

RabbitMQ on Ubuntu via Puppet?

Date February 7, 2014

Ubuntu has a certain really annoying property. Alright it has several, but the one that I'm talking about right now is the insistence that it start services upon installation. While I'm never a fan, there are certain times when it chafes more than normal. Here's the deal. I'm using the PuppetLabs RabbitMQ module, and I'm […]

Cascadia IT Conference for Seattle-area SysAdmins: March 7

Date February 4, 2014

Although winter has yet to be banished, and here in Boston, we're waiting for another big snowfall, in Seattle they're gearing up for another great Cascadia IT Conference! This is the third year for Cascadia, and they just keep working harder and harder to bring a really impressive conference schedule. There are a couple of […]

Come Work With Me! We're Hiring a SysAdmin!

Date January 28, 2014

So, one of my coworkers has left, and we're currently looking for someone to take over as the primary Linux admin on the team. There are currently three of us, including David Blank-Edelman, who you might know as the author of a few Perl and SysAdmin books. Here's the job posting. Submit a resume and […]