Subscribed Feeds

This page will be updated from time to time with a hand-crafted exported list of RSS feeds that I subscribe to, according to Google Reader. If you think that yours should be on here, or you know of one that I don’t, drop me a line!

The list below may be out of date. A more current list is available via my OPML file.

1-Man IT Department
A Unix System Administrator’s Blog
Adventures in systems land
Agile SysAdmin
Al Hoang
All about Linux
Another Sysadmin
Ask the Directory Services Team
Barry Whyte – An exchange and discussion of Storage Virtualization
Bashing Linux
Blog entries
Blog Fiasco
Blog Stu – Stuart Miniman
Caged Mantis
“cazh1: on Business
Chess Blog
Chris’s Wiki :: blog
Chuck’s Blog (a sysadmin blog)
Datamation Careers/Staffing
Dave Graham’s Weblog
Didier Stevens
drakpzone’s cove
eLearning Technology
Eric’s Tech Blog
etbe – Russell Coker
Everything Sysadmin
fate = will && choice || circumstance
Glowing Face Man
HiR Information Report
ideas>life better
I’m just a simple DBA on a complex production system
Intriguing Problems
IT Management and Cloud Blog
IT Troubleshooting…
joeware – never stop exploring…
Kathleen McGivney
Kitchen Soap
League of Professional System Administrators –
Likewise Blog
Linux Coaching
Living with IPv6
McGrew Security Blog
Musings of an Anonymous Geek
My Etherealmind
My MCP Life
My SysAd Blog — Unix
Netlinx Blog
Network Security and System Administration
NetWorker Blog
Not-So-Deep Thoughts
One IT Guy Blog
Planet CentOS
Planet Data Center
Planet Network Management
Planet Sysadmin
Planet SysAdmin Blog
PrAe’s SysAdmin Blog
Racker Hacker
Raffy – Security Data Visualization
Rainer’s Blog
Rational Survivability
RTFM Education
Running Systems
Sean’s Sysadmin Blog
Security Sociability
Security Viewpoints
Sentient Servers
Server Guide
Servers and Storage
Someone Else (Robert Moir)
Standalone Sysadmin (WordPress)
Steve’s IT Rants
Storage Station
Storagebod’s Blog
sysadmin (
Sysadmin Hell
SysAdmin1138 Expounds
SysAdmin’s Journey
sysadmin’s sojourn
T1 Rex’s Business Telecom Explainer
Tech Talk
Technology & Life Integration: Fiction or Future
Technology Cadre
Telecom & IT Blog for Administrators and Users
The Big Picture
The Bigger Truth
The Book Barn
The Fluffy Admin
The Guerilla CISO
The Guild
The Madstop
The Old New Thing
The Register articles by Chris
The Revenge of the Anti-Penguin
The Sean Blog
the storage anarchist
Thomas Keeley
Tony Bacigalupo’s Blog
Unix Admin Corner
Unix Admin Corner
UNIX Administratosphere
urandom Mangot ideas
Virtual Geek
Virtualization Planet
VM Super Genius
Warll’s Blog | Warll ????
Way Out Mind
Yellow Bricks
Paul Carpentier’s Private Cloud
Admin Arsenal Blog
Cake Wrecks
Adnan’s Sysadmin/Scripting Blog
Debian GNU/Linux System Administration Resources
IT Management & Trends Blogs
Jeff Hengesbach
Last In – First Out
Managing Intellectual Property & IT Security
Network & Infrastructure Blogs
Network Administrator
O’Reilly Sysadmin
Planet SysAdmin
Robert’s Sysadmin Blog
Server Virtualization Blog
Small linux deployments
SysAd Hoc
[email protected] – A sysadmin’s blog
The Blog of Ben Rockwood
The Bungling Sys Admin
The Life of a Sysadmin
The Lone Sysadmin
The Tech Teapot
Unixplaza Blog
AJ’s Place
Kenny’s Reviews
Ryan’s Blog
Standalone Sysadmin
SecurityFocus News
A look into Solaris
A is for Arch
A look into Solaris
Admin Arsenal Blog
Andy ITGuy
Google Online Security Blog
Rational Survivability
Risktical Ramblings
Schneier on Security
Stuart King’s Security and Risk Management Blog
Backup Central
Casting from the Server Room
Mind Of Root
Anthony’s Blog
A look into Solaris
Adnan’s Sysadmin/Scripting Blog
Anthony’s Blog
asyd’s blog
S/V Adventure: SailBlogs
Wind Dancer: SailBlogs
Hack a Day
Readius blog

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