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You may also find my friend Stephen Foskett’s Enterprise Event Calendar useful.


About this calendar:
This calendar is provided as a public service, according to information sent to me by other people. It may be wrong. In fact, the more entries you see on it, the higher the probability that it is. Don’t let that stop you from reaching out to the events listed and trying to take part.

How to submit entries
In order for this calendar not to become a commercial spamfest, I’m laying down some ground rules.

  1. No entries for online-only events
  2. I’m not going to say that no one cares about the webcast for your new product, but most people don’t, and this calendar is here to get sysadmins together. Likewise, an entry for a conference will be welcome. The date of your CFP won’t be. I will provide a link to your website, though, and you can advertise your CFP date there.

  3. No single-vendor events
  4. For example, if Acme Routers shows up in a hotel conference room to talk about their new thousand port 100Gbe routers, they’ll have to provide their own advertisements. Things like EMC World are excluded from this, in my mind, anyway, because there will be multiple vendors, and it’s of wide interest to sysadmins.

  5. No [software] user group meetings
  6. I don’t have anything against user groups (in fact, quite the opposite. I’ve helped organize them myself), but there are a million user groups out there, and this calendar will be unreadable. The goal is for it to be useful. 5 events every day isn’t useful, it’s noise. For this reason, I’ve got to decline product user groups. Exception: SysAdmin groups. This includes things like LOPSA, SAGE, SNIA, etc etc. There are few enough of these (I think, anyway) that it shouldn’t overwhelm the calendar. If it turns out to be the case, I’ll update the rules (and let everyone know with a blog post), and maybe make another calendar or something. We’ll burn that bridge when we come to it ;-)

  7. User-group thrown conferences are OK
  8. Yes, I just said that user-group meetings are off the calendar, but some usergroups like to throw annual conferences, and I would be happy to get the word out about those, as long as it’s an event that a sysadmin might be interested in, and it abides by the previous rules.

  9. If you lie to me, you’re blackballed
  10. I want to do this to help sysadmins learn about upcoming events in their geographic area. If you take advantage of that fact, and lie to me about the nature of your event, and it turns out that your event is breaking one of the above rules, that will be the last event you get listed in the calendar.

Providing you abide by those three rules, I welcome your submission to the calendar. I can’t promise that I’ll turn it around on the same day, but I’ll get it done asap. Send me an email at [email protected] with the words “sysadmin calendar” in the subject. Please include the date(s) of your event and the location it will be held at, and a link to the event’s web page. This will make sure that people know about your event AND that they can attend.

If you don’t know if your event would abide by the rules, just email me and we’ll talk. I’m not going to bite your head off for asking, I just want to keep the calendar useful to people.

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