Behold Microsoft, Harbinger of the Future

Date June 5, 2013

Yeah, that's right. You heard me. There are a ton of people who are very, very mad at Microsoft because of their recent TechEd announcement. Basically, Microsoft is concentrating, in a large way, in being a managed service provider. They're still selling software, but they're concentrating on honing their hosted service offerings, and in the […]

Reader Question: Cloud vs Virtual Farm?

Date March 16, 2012

I really enjoy getting mail from readers. I know that I sometimes don't answer in what you might consider a timely fashion, but that's just because you're not thinking geologically. On occasion, though, I do get some downtime to discuss things with my readers, and the other day, I got a good question that I […]

Quick IPv6 Web Server on the HP cloud

Date March 11, 2012

I was thrilled to learn that I had been included in the free HP Cloud (@hpcloud on twitter) beta test. I've recently been messing a little bit with Amazon Web Services, and I'd requested access to HP to compare the offerings. Success! My gain is yours, so lets take a quick look... When logging in, […]

Building My Lab - Physical, Virtual, and Imaginary

Date March 5, 2012

Since I am not a full time sysadmin any more (or really even a part time sysadmin...can you be a "hobbyist" sysadmin?), I've lost one of my most valuable resources for learning new things...a decent lab. I guess I never really understood how important it was to have a pile of legacy kit sitting around […]

Nasuni - Very cool technology

Date September 15, 2011

I'm in Silicon Valley for Tech Field Day 8, and I just got out of a very cool session. The company is Nasuni, and the two hour presentation was delivered by their founder/CEO Andres Rodriguez. Don't stop reading this blog post after this sentence, but Nasuni provides cloud storage. I know, that's like buzzword-ese for […]

The silver lining of Amazon's cloud issues

Date April 22, 2011

Sorry for the cloud pun in the headline, I just couldn't help myself. If you're a somewhat active user of the internet, you've probably noticed that Amazon's cloud service started having some problems yesterday. I thought about writing this blog entry then, but I held off. There are blips in every service, and I figured […]