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VMWare ESXi – Decreasingly Free As Time Goes On

Hey, what do you say we throw some actual content up here and see what happens…

The excellent virtualization blog RTFM Education has a post today talking about VMware ESXi. Specifically that as time continues, fewer and fewer features work with it.

The case in point started with the remote command line interface being changed to “read only”, which doesn’t make it much of an interface at all.

After that failed to correct itself, a 3rd party backup solution called Veeam was just asked to remove backup support for ESXi.

This is a disturbing trend, and as someone on the brink of making a decision, this weighs heavily. Citrix’s Xenserver supports live motion (live transferring of a running virtual machine from one Xenserver to another without shutting it down) for free. What does VMware offer at this point except a future of heavy skepticism? Not much that I see.

Aaaaand we’re back…

Sorry about that weird bit of downtime there. It turns out that one of my MySQL tables had been corrupt for a long time, and it only just felt the load today. And of course, *poof*

The table has been marked as repaired, a new backup set has been created and moved offsite, and we are once again rolling along.

Boy, you hate to have stuff start that way, but that’s how it goes sometimes.

Also, very special thanks to everyone who reached out to me to let me know that the blog was down, caught on fire, and sinking. Thanks, it means a lot to me that people care that much to go out of their way to alert me.

Maybe I should setup a Nagios server on here ;-)

Welcome to the future!

If you’re reading this via RSS reader, I invite you to come visit the new blog! I’ve got all sorts of enhancements available here, so come check it out!

Lets do an overview of what’s new. First, instead of being hosted on blogger’s servers, I’ve got a VPS for the site, and the domain name is www.standalone-sysadmin.com now. Since there are tons of links going to the old site, I’ve implemented an http meta redirect to a php script that I write. It parses the referrer information and sends the user to the correct page on this site.

The big RSS icon in the top right hand corner of the page links to the feedburner stream. If you subscribe via RSS (and as of today, that’s 585 of you out there just at Google Reader), please update your RSS feed to http://feeds.feedburner.com/standalone-sysadmin/rWoU.

The “commentators” box on the right hand side examines user comments, checks the email addresses, and looks them up at Gravatar, the globally recognized avatar database. I’ve noticed that more and more sites seem to be using it, so if you haven’t setup your email over there, maybe you should check into it.

Everything else should be pretty straight forward. I’ve enabled OpenID logins for those of you who want to use them. The only recurring issue is slowness on the machine. I’ve talked to the hosting people about that, and when a bigger server opens up, I’ll migrate to that. The VPS has 512MB of RAM right now. If this becomes a major problem, I’ll temporarily move the blog back to blogger, but I’m hoping that isn’t going to be an issue. Let me know if you find it to be.

So that’s it. Feel free to leave feedback! Thanks!