VMWare ESXi – Decreasingly Free As Time Goes On

Date July 3, 2009

Hey, what do you say we throw some actual content up here and see what happens… The excellent virtualization blog RTFM Education has a post today talking about VMware ESXi. Specifically that as time continues, fewer and fewer features work with it. The case in point started with the remote command line interface being changed […]

Aaaaand we’re back…

Date July 3, 2009

Sorry about that weird bit of downtime there. It turns out that one of my MySQL tables had been corrupt for a long time, and it only just felt the load today. And of course, *poof* The table has been marked as repaired, a new backup set has been created and moved offsite, and we […]

Welcome to the future!

Date July 3, 2009

If you’re reading this via RSS reader, I invite you to come visit the new blog! I’ve got all sorts of enhancements available here, so come check it out! Lets do an overview of what’s new. First, instead of being hosted on blogger’s servers, I’ve got a VPS for the site, and the domain name […]

Examine SSL certificate on the command line

Date June 22, 2009

This is more for my documentation than anyone elses, but you might find it useful. To examine an SSL certificate (for use on a secured web server) from the commandline, use this command: openssl x509 -in filename.crt -noout -text

More Cable Management

Date June 16, 2009

or “I typed a lot on serverfault, I wonder if I can get a blog entry out of it” Cable management is one of those things that you might be able to read about, but you will never really get the hang of it until you go out and do it. And it takes practice. […]

Today, on a very special Standalone Sysadmin…

Date June 11, 2009

I named this blog Standalone Sysadmin for a very good reason. Since 2003 or so, I have very much been a standalone sysadmin. I have worked on networks and infrastructures where, in some cases, the only single point of failure was me. This is not an ideal situation. My bus factor is through the roof. […]

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