Boy are my arms tired!

Date February 10, 2009

Well, I'm back in the States, and working on getting back into the groove. I want to take a second and reiterate my thanks to the many guest bloggers who helped me out and contributed some really great information while I was gone. I really enjoyed learning from each one of the entries, and I […]

Backups Suck

Date February 6, 2009

Many thanks to Michael Janke for this blog entry Years ago we had a period of time where we had nothing but problems with backups. Tape drives failed, changers failed, jobs failed. We rarely if ever went a weekend without getting called in to tweak, repair or restart backup hardware or software. It was a […]

Software patching is the other benefit of virtualization

Date February 4, 2009

Many thanks to Philip Sellers for this blog entry! Our sys admin group seems to be constantly grappling with software patches. We feel constantly behind and reactive to new patches and firmwares that are released and it's a never ending cycle. Since I joined the company a little over 2 and half years ago, I've […]

(Really) Small Office Environments

Date February 2, 2009

Many thanks to Jeff Hengesbach for this blog entry! There are a lot of very small businesses. I'm thinking about 20-30 or fewer people, and likely only 1 or maybe 2 servers. There are a few reason this interests me. First, in the past I've done 'side' work in a few of these environments. And […]

Redundant Redundancy

Date January 30, 2009

Many thanks to Ian Carder for this blog entry! Over the past year we have replaced all of our remaining Cabletron network equipment with Cisco gear. Being a K-12 School District, we have to be extremely frugal where we spend out money. Often, this comes in direct conflict with going the extra mile to make […]

vnstat Console Network Traffic Monitor

Date January 28, 2009

Many thanks to Nick Anderson for this blog entry! Matt was kind enough to ask me to spice things up a bit while he is gone on vacation.(well kind to me, perhaps not so kind to his readers). If you have ever wanted to monitor network bandwidth I'm sure your familiar with mrtg. I find […]