Cascadia IT Conference for Seattle-area SysAdmins: March 7

Date February 4, 2014

Although winter has yet to be banished, and here in Boston, we're waiting for another big snowfall, in Seattle they're gearing up for another great Cascadia IT Conference! This is the third year for Cascadia, and they just keep working harder and harder to bring a really impressive conference schedule. There are a couple of […]

Potential Irvine and Los Angeles LOPSA Chapters

Date September 10, 2012

Remember that whole crazy "Hey, lets start a LOPSA chapter" thing from last week? Guess what! There are TWO new LOPSA chapters in the process of starting up. Well, sort of. Probably (Obviously, the LOPSA Board has to vote on the creation of chapters and things like that). See, LOPSA-LA has been an affiliate for […]

SoCal LOPSA Chapter. Who's doing it?

Date August 28, 2012

I have heard from a ton of people in Southern California (or SoCal for you peeps not hip to the jive) who want to attend a LOPSA meeting in Southern California. Enough people that they'd actually start out with a full chapter. This is silly. I don't live in SoCal, so I can't start that […]

LOPSA Board Elections Beginning - 2012-06-01

Date May 31, 2012

Tomorrow, June 1st, 2012, the polls will open on the LOPSA Board of Directors Election. If you're a LOPSA member, make sure to read both the candidates' statements, as well as the town hall meeting Q&A (we had one on May 8th and May 24th). After you've read those statements, rock the vote. If you're […]

LOPSA announces $1500 stipend competition for Women in Advanced Computing Summit

Date May 24, 2012

The League of Professional System Administrators (of which I'm a big fan, and a member of the Leadership Committee) has announced that they're offering a $1500 stipend to attend the 2012 USENIX Women in Advanced Computing Summit. The stipend will be awarded to the winner of a competition consisting of two brief essays on the […]

Cascadia IT 12 - One Week!

Date March 15, 2012

If you're in the American NorthWest (or, I suppose the Canadian SouthWest) and you haven't registered for Cascadia IT Conference, you need to do it stat. News today is that 3 sysadmin tutorials have already filled up...more are no doubt going to. There are tons of tutorials on all kinds of sysadmin-related topics, and if […]