Nagios-Plugins Brouhaha

Date January 21, 2014

I'm really not a fan of political infighting. It's bad for an organization, and it's bad for the people who rely on the organization. But it happens, because we're people, and people have ideas and egos and goals that are mutually exclusive of each other. Such as it is with Nagios at the moment. Although […]

Review: Nagios Core Administration Cookbook

Date March 13, 2013

I like Nagios. I mean, I like monitoring in general, but I like Nagios because it doesn't necessarily tell me what I have to monitor, and it especially doesn't tell me how I have to monitor it. It's very extensible, and although it certainly has flaws, I think it's a good, solid, reliable system that […]

Nagios World Conference - Sept 25-28 in St. Paul, MN USA

Date April 28, 2012

I like Nagios a lot. Actually, I really just like monitoring the status of my resources and services, and I like incredibly flexible software that allows you to do whatever you want in order to accomplish your goals. In other words, Nagios. It's not without its warts, but it is software that I've used for […]

Umm...can I have your old SSD?

Date January 21, 2012

The thought occurs to me that there is a lot of concern about the health of SSDs by admins who don't have a lot of experience with them. I don't have a lot of experience with them either, but I've spent a decent amount of time learning how they work, why they fail, and reading […]

Long Overdue Nagios Presentation Material (and video!)

Date October 25, 2010

Last year, I presented a Nagios presentation at the Professional IT Community Conference, and I promised to get the contents of the USB key online Real Soon Now(tm). Well, guess what? It's finally done! That's right, you can download the contents of the key right here. The zipfile should unpack into a directory called "Keeping […]

Nagios Configuration HOWTO

Date July 20, 2009

Although this is a HOWTO, ironically, it doesn't cover the actual configuration of Nagios. It covers the part of the configuration that might actually be harder than creating hosts, groups, and services. It covers how to organize your configuration directory in a way that makes it easiest to add new hosts, groups, services and commands […]