Eventual regulation of system administration?

Date November 12, 2011

I was asked recently whether I thought that, eventually, System Administration would require regulation, similar to how engineering and medicine require regulation. This isn't an easy question to answer, even though I think about it quite a lot. I think the right answer (as much as any answer can be "right") is that, yes, eventually […]

The silver lining of Amazon's cloud issues

Date April 22, 2011

Sorry for the cloud pun in the headline, I just couldn't help myself. If you're a somewhat active user of the internet, you've probably noticed that Amazon's cloud service started having some problems yesterday. I thought about writing this blog entry then, but I held off. There are blips in every service, and I figured […]

Progressing towards a true backup site

Date April 29, 2009

A while back, I moved our production site into a Tier 4 co-location in NJ. Our former primary site became the backup, and things went very smoothly. Now we're continuing on with our plans of centralizing our company in the northeast of the US. To advance these plans, I'm less than a week away from […]

Redundant Redundancy

Date January 30, 2009

Many thanks to Ian Carder for this blog entry! Over the past year we have replaced all of our remaining Cabletron network equipment with Cisco gear. Being a K-12 School District, we have to be extremely frugal where we spend out money. Often, this comes in direct conflict with going the extra mile to make […]