Ah, the pitter patter of new equipment....

Date June 8, 2009

Alright, actually really old equipment. Today my boss is bringing in all of the equipment from the old backup site. There are some fairly heavy duty pieces of equipment, really. I have no idea where I'm going to put it or what I'll do with it all once I get it where it's going, but […]

APC Data Center University

Date April 22, 2009

If you're hankering for some free learning and you have any interest at all in data centers, check out the free Data Center University by APC. I registered, but haven't "attended" my first class yet. I'll check it out when I get a little more time, but I just thought some of you might like […]

And you thought the fan was bad...

Date April 16, 2009

The other day, I posted some photos of a fan hanging from the rafters. Those pictures have nothing on these: Parks Hall Server Room Fire. This happened in July of 2002 and was apparently caused by an electrical problem in one of the old servers. Here is a news article on it. I just don't […]

Emergency Server Room Light

Date February 24, 2009

For those of you reading this on Tuesday, Feb 24th, Woot.com has LED touch-n-lights on sale 2 for $7.99 ( + $5 shipping ) Little battery operated lights like this make excellent emergency lights for the computer room. If your electricity is out and you've got to work in there, these things are life savers […]

Really bad cabling jobs!

Date August 20, 2008

I found this amusing/depressing series of pages involving some epic wiring jobs http://www.darkroastedblend.com/2007/03/really-bad-wiring-jobs_20.html God help you if you're stuck with anything remotely this bad.

Just because it's strange

Date August 6, 2008

Speed Cabling.