Dealing with key-based authentication on Windows with Putty

Date April 10, 2015

I'm writing this entry because I'm going to be writing another entry soon, and I want to point to this rather than explain it in situ.  Here lately, I've been using Windows on my desktop. At work, this is mostly because of the extensive administration I do with VMware, and there's STILL no native way […]

Guaranteeing scripts don't get hung on remote ssh

Date March 31, 2011

This is probably remedial for a lot of you, but it never occurred to me before today. I've got a lot of shell scripts that run in cron or manually, and a significant portion of those need to connect to a remote server via ssh, either to rsync or to issue commands, or whatever. The […]

What? SSH stuff AGAIN?!?!?

Date December 9, 2008

Apparently the SSH fiasco isn't done. I didn't believe it either, but there are still things that haven't been covered! Daniel, at Bonetree Blog wrote an overview of a great tool to have in your toolbox: SSH tunnels. Completely aside from the inherent security that an SSH tunnel provides, I've got lots of random hardware […]

Wacky SSH Authorized Keys Tricks

Date November 19, 2008

You may have caught my blog post last week about setting up host to host ssh keys. What you might not have caught was in the comments, where Ben Cotton mentioned a trick I hadn't heard of, namely specifying the allowed remote commands in the authorized_keys line. He said there were even more features available, […]

Host to host security with SSH Keys

Date November 14, 2008

I have a lot of Linux hosts. Somewhere in the vicinity of 70 servers, all but 3 run some variant of Linux. Lots of them have to communicate seamlessly through cronjobs and monitoring daemons. To pull this off, I've implemented SSH key authentication between the applicable accounts. The method is pretty easy. Check the ~/.ssh […]