General update and a long weekend ahead

Date June 5, 2009

After a week of wrestling with CDW and EMC, two weeks of fighting the storage array, and coming up with an ad hoc environment in something like 2 hours, I've had a rough go of this whole backup-site-activation thing. The latest wrinkle has been that although EMC shipped us the storage processor, the burned CD […]

The god of storage hates me, I know it

Date June 2, 2009

It seems like storage and I never get along. There's always some difficulty somewhere. It's always that I don't have enough, or I don't have enough where I need it, and there's always the occasional sorry-we-sold-you-a-single-controller followed by I'll-overnight-you-another-one which appears to be concluded by sorry-it-won't-be-there-until-next-week. /sigh So yes, looking back at my blog's RSS […]

Security is a process and not plug&play

Date May 15, 2009

I got a SANS pamphlet in the mail today, which makes me feel guilty. Not really guilty, as in "I should go but I'm not" (even though I should, and I'm not), but because in terms of IT security, I've sort of been in the "Oh, I'm sure that'll be fine while I'm doing all […]

It's only a slow day on the blogosphere

Date March 27, 2009

I subscribe to around a hundred blogs. I'm not going to list them all, because a lot of them probably aren't that interesting 75% of the time, and I've linked to most of the ones that continually post good stuff. It never ceases to amuse me a little whenever I read someone's blog entry that […]